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Internet Services

Businesses need instant access to data and broadband ADSL is the minimum standard for business internet access. Plum have been providing internet services for 16 years and understand the importance of good data communications to business.

Our Customer Service department handles requests for service and changes to configuration and customers can choose a 24 hour helpline so you need never be out of touch with Plum.

Plum provide a whole package which includes supplying telephone lines, the calls, telephone systems, call itemisation, conferencing, recording and non-geographic numbers for telemarketing and we are able to invoice all services on one simple to understand monthly bill.


When you have a Plum Business account you will be able to call our service department with any queries and speak to a real person not a recording.

Existing or New service

If you have existing service you can usually transfer to us at no charge and if you need new services we can generally provide new lines within a few days anywhere within the UK.

Ordering is easy

If you have an account simply advise us the line numbers you wish to transfer or make calls on or the number of new/additional lines you require. If you do not have an account we will ask you to complete an account application form before we process your order.

Billing is straightforward

We normally bill monthly in advance for rentals and bill for calls in arrears and we supply full itemisation on paper or electronic format. Our customers think our bills are easy to understand - we show the total billing on the first page and summarise by locations and services on the following pages. For some services we can provide real time web access to view call activity and to access recordings.


Your Plum account is flexible - you can add additional services at any time and provided a credit limit has been agreed you will be able to order from our Plum on-line shop and have the items charged to your account.

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