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Line Rental

All businesses need telephone lines and for many the lines are essential for trade. Plum understand the importance of this to you and we have a special service department to deal with your requests for service and changes to line configuration.

Plum provide a whole package which includes supplying lines and producing monthly bills. We buy the lines from BT Wholesale and sell them to you at rates which are less than you would obtain from BT.

You are able to call our service department with any queries and speak to a real person not a recording. If you have existing lines you can usually transfer them to us at no charge and if you need new or additional lines we can usually supply those within three days.

To order just tell us the line numbers you wish to transfer to us or the number of new lines you wish to order. You can combine lines with other Plum services and we can bill all your Plum service on one fully itemised invoice.

    Please contact us with your requirements
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