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2007-10-04Plum Opens New Blackpool Office
To co-incide with the opening of the new office at the New Enterprise Centre, Lytham Road, Blackpool, Plum Communciations will hold an open day for vendors, customers, local dignitaries and any business wishing to improve their telecom services.
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2007-10-04Plum new office launch visited by Mayor of Blackpool
The Mayor of Blackpool Councillor Robert Wynne today visited the new Blackpool office of Plum Communications and inspected the technology on show to assist businesses with their communications. Speaking at the launch event hosted by Plum he said:"Blackpool is famous for helping people to communciate in terms of its historical devolution to the service industry. This event makes the next step in that direction."
2007-09-30Suzanne Completes Great North Run
Customer services manager Suzanne Cain of Plum Communications has completed the Great North Run to raise money for Leukaemia Care. She raised £300 in personal sponsors and Plum will be doubling this to make a total raised of £600 for the charity. Suzanne completed the 13.1 miles half marathon in 2 hours 2 minutes, which included two stops to allow ambulances to pass whilst husband Martin who was also running to raise money for charity completed the run in 1 hours 22 minutes. It is the third time that Suzanne has taken part in the Great North Run and she beat her previous time of 2 hours 22 minutes.
2007-09-01Openhand helps business people stay in touch
Running your own business or being part of a busy organisation can often make you feel like you need to be in two places at once. Dashing out to meetings, sat in front of your desk answering emails or being sat in your car in a traffic jam can all slow down your productivity and add to stress levels. One way to reduce the pressure of being busy and increase workflow is to adopt OpenHand, a fully functioning ‘office on the move’ made available by simply using your existing mobile phone. For those ready to adopt, who would like to test out the technology first, Plum Communications is offering a free trial of OpenHand so you can see for yourself how this can help improve your business.
2007-07-01SIP - The Future of Telecoms
Plum Communications is pioneering a groundbreaking new technology, which is set to revolutionise the way businesses communicate. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a means of signalling and controlling interactive communication sessions. These sessions include Internet telephone calls, multimedia distribution and multimedia conferences. The uptake of SIP spells out better control over communications for businesses and has considerable cost benefits. Calling from one SIP-enabled phone to another cuts out traditional routing that occurs with traditional lines and reduces call charges considerably. The new technology delivers presence and allows users to inform others of their status, their availability, and the method of how they can be contacted before a communication session even begins. SIP also allows a geographic presence (local number) in different towns and cities.
2007-02-27Road Safety Act 2006 comes into force
This reinforces the illegality of holding a mobile phone or data device whilst driving. If broken the new law carries a penalty of 3 penalty points on the licence, fixed penalty of £60 and a fine of up to £1000 for cars and £2500 for goods vehicles and public transport vehicles.
2007-02-26Avaya Launches IP Office 500 and Version 4 Firmware
Avaya Launches IP Office 500 and Version 4 Firmware in the UK. Improved support for community networking, hot desking over multiple sites and more precise handling of queued callers.
2007-01-01Jacqui Brookes, FCS CEO awarded an OBE in the New Year Honours List
Jacqui Brookes, the CEO of the Federation of Communication Services (FCS), has been awarded an OBE in the Queens New Year Honours. The award recognises her contribution to the industry by proactively representing small and medium enterprises with the Government and the telecoms regulator OFCOM
2006-10-16Switched-on to 21CN
On Monday 16 October, the UK’s communications industry announced the launch of ‘switched-on’, a multi million pound public information campaign designed to inform UK consumers and single site small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) about how they will get ‘switched-on’ to next generation network.
2006-09-01New Look Website Released
Plum Communications today launched their new look website. The new design brings all services into one portal. Users can view and order mobile phones, telephones, telephone sytems and data networking equipment from one website
2006-08-05Cost of Avaya Voice Compression Modules reduced by 50%
Avaya today announced a 50% cost reduction for the Avaya IP Office Voice Compression Modules. These cost savings make it more affordable for small businesses to adopt Voice Over IP Technology. The price cuts have immediate effect for all equipment supplied from 5 August 2006.
2006-08-01Ofcom Announce De-Regulation of BT Lines
The Ofcom announcement of the De-regulation of BT Lines did not receive much publicity but is being supported by an advertising campaign funded by BT and Ofcom. BT have already announced selective price rises and Ofcom have advised businesses to be proactive in looking for an alternative telephone supplier as there are other suppliers besides BT. If you are not already a Plum Communications customer send your BT bill to Plum Communications and receive a free analysis of your telephone spend and potential savings.
2006-07-21Great Demand for Call Recorders
We have noticed a greater demand for call recorders this month. Usually there are just one or two enquiries but this month several call centres have purchased call recording equipemnt as their clients are now demanding that they make and retain full call recordings of every call. Plum can supply a wide range of products to suit every budget and offer a free survey of your requirements.
2006-06-01Peter Savic appointed chair of MBS Telecoms/IT Alum Group
Peter Savic appointed first chair of MBS Telecoms/IT Alum Group with task to provide forum for worldwide graduates of Manchester Business School involved in the Telecoms and IT industry
2006-05-01Plum launches low cost capped internet service
Plum announces details of their low cost capped internet service providing speeds up to 8Mb (depending upon distance from exchange) at prices from £19 per month (SOHO and home user) and £25 per month (office user)
2006-04-01Plum starts upgrade of ADSL Broadband Circuits
Throughout summer all Plum ADSL broadband circuits will be upgraded to higher speed where line condition and distance from exchange allows
2005-11-10Plum exhibit at Preston Exhibition
Plum Communications today exhibited their services at the Business to Business Exhibition at Preston Guild Hall, Preston
2005-11-04Peter Savic presents at Manchester Business School
Peter Savic today presented to the Manchester Business School Business Network group on the topic of IP Telephony – The Future for Communications
2005-09-01Plum Mobile Phone Service Launched
Plum launched its mobile phone service low cost line rentals and calls to business users. Analysis has shown that the majority of customers with bundled packages do not use all their minute allocations and some pay penalties for exceeding their monthly allowances. Plum have made it simple for businesses to control their mobile spend by stripping out the complicated packages and providing a transparent billing process. New customers have the option of retaining their existing numbers or gaining new numbers and can retain the same handsets or have upgrade to new handsets. For customers requiring access to mail and data on the move, Plum provide a range of hand held data terminals which can be used with their mobile network. The Plum mobile service is now available to all existing Plum customers.
2005-08-01Plum Customers On-Line Ordering Service for Telephone and Data Services
From today Plum customers are able to order new services and change existing service configurations from the secure web interface. The on-line ordering service applies to all monthly billed services including telephone lines and broadband.
2005-07-04Call price Check On Line
The new on-line price check facility allows customers to view the price of any call and compare costs with other tariffs.
2005-03-01Invoices available on line
Customers can now view and reprint invoices on line.
2005-01-06Plum Launches Bills On Line
Plum Communications today launched their Bills On Line Service - customers are able to view their telephone bills on line using a secure log in facility.
2004-12-01Improved ADSL Service
Plum Communications announce their new improved ADSL service which will offer greater choice of speeds and ability to bond channels, allowing users to gain upload speeds higher than 256k. All Plum customers will be migrated to the new servcice during January and February 2005 and support will be available during this migration period.
2004-09-01New look website launched at
This website has been completely designed as a project over the summer recess by Mathew Holt an undergraduate student at Manchester Metropolitan University under the STEP scheme which finds projects for students during terms recesses. Please email your comments on the new design to the webmaster. The site brings together existing resources of Plum Communications via one portal and a secure members only area provides customers with real time technical support on a wide range of products. Customers may purchase goods from the on-line store which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week either using an existing account or credit card.
2004-08-27Plum Communications publishes its new Marketing Plan for the year
The marketing plan has been developed in conjunction with Anwar Hussain, an undergraduate student at Manchester Metropolitan University under the STEP scheme which finds projects for students during terms recesses. As part of developing the plan Anwar spoke to a sample of Plum customers and interviewed them about why they purchased from Plum, key factors were having a local presence, good technical knowledge and the ability for a customer to speak to real person when a difficulty arose.
2004-06-21Plum Communications submits a response to Ofcom Strategic Review of Telecommunications Phase 1 consultation.
The review is essential in defining strategy for Ofcom in regulating the Telecoms market over the next decade. Plum suggest that more regulation is required in order to protect customers from dirty tricks and guerrilla marketing techniques. One concern is targeted under pricing by the incumbent to lure customers from new service providers which could reduce long term choice in the marketplace.
2004-02-16Plum Communications Launch New On-Line Shopping Service
Plum Communications launches its new on-line shopping service in response to customer demand to be able to supply more information about products prior to ordering. Previously any customers requesting information would be send product literature by post or fax or email but now it is possible to view in real time, often whilst talking to a Plum consultant at the same time. Orders can be placed on-line or through customer services making the system truly flexible.If you have never purchased from Plum before you can use your credit card to buy now - even whilst the office is closed.
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