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When you connect to ADSL/Broadband you are opening a connection to the whole wide world. Just as you can visit other sites on the internet, you can be visited by unwelcome guests unless you protect your connection.

Use a router with at least a basic firewall incorporated but do not rely on this alone to protect you. Hackers may be able to bypass the router and gain access to you important information. A good quality firewall such as SonicWall or PlumDefender will check data being passed across the connection and block unexpected or dangerous data. If you need to allow connection from trusted individuals this can be done by setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and/or setting up remote access.

SonicWall and defender firewalls can also be configured to perform anti-virus functions and to block access to web sites containing inappropriate content.

Plum can provide SonicWall and PlumDefender firewalls as part of a complete package with ADSL and router or can supply them individually to an existing connection and if you need help setting up firewalls we would be pleased to supply an estimate on request.

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