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Mobile Phone Service

Mobile phones provide an important method of communicating with customers, staff and own staff, but very often the spending on rentals and costs is not analysed and kept under control. Companies have traditionally taken packages of minutes as offered by the networks and not made best use of them, resulting in loss of minutes which means paying for a service which has not been received.

As well as the usual call and text bundles, plum offer unbundled billing for mobile services, customers can choose to be billed a low line rental and calls and texts charged separately.

This means that Plum customers can pay a low line rental and for calls as they are made, without having to commit to a number of minutes each month. Customers can allocate costs between business and private use and as all calls can be viewed on the secure web server, improper use of the phone can easily be spotted.

Line rental starts from 5 per month plus VAT, with monthly billing and payment by Direct Debit. For a no obligation quotation please complete the form below.

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