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Call Centre Applications

Plum Communications Ltd, Oldham, UK, Avaya Applications
Avaya Applications
Avaya Applications
All Avaya IP Office systems are supplied with software which allows management and reprogramming of the system, voice mail, call logging and display of calls in progress. Remote access via the included Ethernet interfaceallows systems to be remotely programmed and supported.

Additional applications include Phone Manager Pro which provides full on screen control of the userís telephone and ability to integrate with Outlook Mail Client to show details of callers on screen. Voice Mail Pro is a fully featured Auto Attendant System which can be completely configured to meet specific requirements and in campaign mode is a powerful addition to any companyís marketing efforts. Call Centre Products show graphic details of incoming and outgoing call patterns in real time or historic reporting. External applications may also be integrated to the IP Office System.

Plum Communications Ltd, Oldham, UK, Avaya Phones
Avaya Telephone
Avaya Phones
The IP Office systems support a range of Avaya handsets as well as most generally available two wire telephones. We will recommend the most appropriate telephones based upon their intended use. DECT Cordless telephones are proving increasingly popular and handsfree function and caller display are usual requirements for office environments. Voice Over IP Phones enable telephones to be extended beyond the reach of conventional systems, for example to employees homes, remote sites and where there are no traditional cable connections.

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